Co-Option Gif Collage

  My Fandom Mall Infiltration Assignment. I really thought Pier One would have more than just the Buddha. But I was out to other places too and tried to snap what I could. Most of it very much taking Hamsas/Paisley/Indigenous People themed for the “Quirky Bohemian Chic” look….

Fandom: Case Study

Fandom: Star Wars; Particularly a nice corner bases of the now Legends/Extended Universe series Republic Commando. Cohesion Tactics: Enforcing cultural or social norms, Punishing infractions Incident Summary: Gena and Izzy’s calling out on Dakka and Vik’s bigotry is faced with silence and/or antagonism by those who “support” Vik, claiming critical critique of the writing/fandom is reflective to inherent racism/misogyny…

Reading Reaction

The Logic of Stupid Poor People Shooter Boys and At-Risk Girls

Fandom Week 2: Yarn Crawl

So this week’s assignment was to come into a new fandom that either ourselves and another classmate have never experienced and participate in. Diego and I wracked out brains a bit, since we had to limit to a certain day and time, and many of the meetups wee a little exclusive or things we knew….

Fandom Timeline

Fandom Timeline; as told in my artwork. Chosen was non OC based pieces with the most prevalent artworks made that year. I know for a fact there should be Gundam Wing art for 2002-2003 and Tales of Symphonia art for 2004-2005, but I believe the scans were casualties of when my old external hard drive…